"It's a photo." 
"No, it's a hand-drawn painting."
"Yes, I get that a lot."

What I try to do with art is replicate reality and make fantasy come to life. I have painted murals on the sides of buildings and inside bathrooms. In everything I do, I separate myself because my work looks good up close as well as far away. If you look a lot of murals, you will find that it's not always true. 

I will let my work speak for itself. My portfolio includes projects I have done across the country. Projects find me because i don't leave until the work is done, but at the same time I understand deadlines and know how to meet them. I am someone with an attention to detail. I am also a businessman who knows how to get things done when someone hires me. 

My experience includes: 

Creating and implementing strategic business plans to market, sell and promote hand-painted, large-scale murals. 

Consulting with prospective clients in order to design, produce and install works of art, including marketing materials, signage, theatrical stage decor and decorative painting. 

Over the course of my career, I have distinguished myself as a leader in a variety of creative and consultative sales and marketing positions. 

In addition to art, I have experience overseeing sales operations, planning and coordinating special events and promotions, developing business and creating innovative marketing and sales strategies.

When I take on a project, I invest the time and energy necessary to create something remarkable. I understand my job is to give you something that you want to reflect your city, your business, your church, your school or your home.